We are in the development stages of our NEW GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) for all area High School Students.

A GSA is a student-run organization that helps LGBTQ youth and allies navigate their rights, give them support, and network with organizations and leaders who will help them. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and take valuable knowledge and skills back to your schools.

Most of our meetings will take place out our location on West 10th Street. For students who are unable to get regular transportation, we will have free bus passes to help them.

This summer and fall we are looking for STUDENT LEADERS and PRESENTERS.

Want to become a GSA Student Leader?

Do you have leadership skills and want to help guide the mission of the Greater Erie Regional GSA? Fill out the following form and we will contact you as soon as we set up our first meet-n-greet and training session, coming this fall.

One entry per person, please.


Want to become a GSA Presenter?

We are currently looking for leaders in our community to present workshops on a variety of topics like,

  • advocacy training
  • political activism
  • leadership training


Let us know what you would like to present! We will contact you to find available dates, times, once we discuss these options with our new student leaders.

Become a GSA Presenter!

  • What type of workshop? How many hours/days? Fee required? Materials?