This year has proven to be quite…unique. Our usual programming has moved to the virtual world and our fundraising and social events have changed or been moved to next year. That doesn’t change that GEAE is here advocate and education our broader area and provide services for the LGBTQ community.

Even during this challenging time GEAE continues to support the region’s LGBTQ+ community and its allies through educational programs, social events and opportunities for service in order to create a safe and welcoming community for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
Without you, our supporters, our work would not be possible. In prior years, we asked for your financial support at events like Afternoon for Equality. Starting in 2020, we are introducing yearly sponsorship opportunities, which are detailed on the sponsorship form HERE.
GEAE is working diligently to provide you a return on your investment by promoting sponsors in a variety of places, including our website, and our social media accounts. In 2020, we have the following events planned, where your support will be publicized depending on the sponsorship level:

Please consider making your sponsorship part of Erie Gives Day!

  1. Send in your sponsorship form or fill it out in the fillable form below. Where it asks for payment information, just write in Erie Gives!
  2. Pay for your sponsorship through the Erie Gives portal on TUESDAY, AUGUST 11TH. You will still receive the same sponsorship benefits when you give on this day.
If you cannot send in your sponsorship on Erie Gives Day, please follow the directions below:
To sponsor GEAE, please complete the sponsor form and return it and payment to GEAE by our Paypal link ( or by mail to GEAE, 301 W. 10th Street, Erie, PA 16502. The form is available below or can be printed and submitted to our office.
Payment can be made by check, payable to GEAE, or via PayPal. If you’d like to use PayPal, please indicate on the sponsorship registration form and we will invoice you.
Thank you for your consideration and support. Stay tuned to GEAE social media and email for details on upcoming events and opportunities. If you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more about GEAE, please contact me at (814) 446-9024.
President, GEAE

Print document or fill out the form below.

2020-2021 GEAE Sponsorship

    Review the options above and then make your choice. Payment can be made by check or through our Paypal address. Please add your transaction number to the form if you are using Paypal.
  • Tell us if we should be expecting a check at our office or a payment through Paypal. Please provide a transaction number or let us know if you prefer an invoice sent to the email above.